WA to AK Seafood Companies

WA to AK Seafood Companies, North American Commercial Fisheries for Alaska King Crab, Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers, AK Halibut, AK Salmon Kings & Sockeye, AK Pollock and Herring Fishing – Bristol Bay AK, SE AK, Alaska’s Bering Sea. Top Fisheries in the World Washington to Alaska.

7 Seas

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12411 Valcan Way Richmond BC V6V 1J7

7 Seas are all about great seafood, sustainably sourced. They love selling seafood and they do it well. You can find their seafood at their 7 Seas fish markets, at any one of the many fine restaurants they supply and Read More...

Alaskan Leader Fisheries

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4215 21st Ave. W Ste. 200 Seattle WA, 98199

Alaskan Leader Fisheries located in Lynden, Washington and Anchorage, Alaska is owned by the Alaskan Leader Group (ALG) and Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation (BBEDC). Each of these groups consist of individuals who are lifelong fishing families that currently own Read More...

Aleutian Spray Fisheries

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5470 Shilshole Ave NW #300 Seattle

Aleutian Spray Fisheries was established in 1969 by Naval Architect Henry Swasand. From its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, a third generation of Swasands deploy Aleutian Spray Fisheries vessels throughout the North Pacific, although most of its harvesting and processing activity Read More...

American Seafoods

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2025 1st Ave #900 Seattle

American Seafoods Company harvests, processes, distributes and markets a diverse array of seafood products from sustainably managed fisheries in U.S. waters off Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Fish are harvested and quickly processed aboard their six state-of-the-art catcher processors, then Read More...

Arctic Storm Management

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2727 Alaska Way, Pier 69 Seattle WA, 98121

Arctic Storm Management Group, LLC (ASMG) is a Seattle-based company that oversees the fishing and processing of four fishing vessels that operate in the waters of Alaska and the West Coast.  The companies that make up ASMG  include Arctic Fjord, Inc., Arctic Read More...

Blue North Fisheries

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2930 Westlake Ave N #300, Seattle, WA 98109

Blue North is a sustainable natural resource company designed for the 21st century. Founded a generation ago by two adventurous brothers, it takes old businesses – like fishing, timber, agriculture, trading, and boat-building – and transforms them into new and profitable Read More...

Clipper Seafoods

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641 W Ewing St, Seattle, WA 98119

Clipper Seafoods sells high-quality, frozen-at-sea fish products from Alaska. Clipper operates seven freezer longliners in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska. Their mission is to provide consistent value to their customers in terms of both products and service. Clipper sponsored Read More...

Deep Sea Fisheries

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3900 Railway Ave, Everett, WA 98201

Deep Sea Fisheries was formed in 1981 as a commercial fishing operation, with a history of numerous catcher processor vessels and fishing tenders operating in many parts of the world including the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska. Along with Read More...

E & E Seafoods

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801 S Fidalgo St #100, Seattle, WA 98108

E & E Foods is a growth oriented US based company servicing the food industry since 1932. Focused on Alaska and North Pacific seafood, their success is a result of their quality product and customer service. They consistently deliver a Read More...

Fishermen’s Finest

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570 Kirkland Way Kirkland WA, 98033

Fishermen’s Finest’s outstanding crew, exceptional fishing vessels and dedicated office staff work together to produce the highest quality fish products available, which demand top dollar in the worldwide marketplace. They are a respected, independent American fishing company that manages a Read More...

Glacier Fish Company

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1200 Westlake Ave N Seattle WA, 98109

Glacier Fish Company is dedicated to producing the highest quality frozen-at-sea groundfish products in the world. They accomplish their mission with a day-in-and-day-out commitment to quality, consistent attention to detail, and an on-going concern for the stability and health of Read More...

Global Seas

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20308 Dayton Ave N Shoreline WA, 98133

Global Seas is a private management company headquartered Seattle, Washington. Since its formation in 2001, Global Seas has grown and evolved into an internationally diverse entity with a portfolio of investments spanning the globe. We represent and manage a variety Read More...

Golden Alaska Seafoods

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2200 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98121

Golden Alaska Seafoods is a world leader in the production of high quality white fish products and frozen seafood, internationally recognized for quality, consistency and value. Based in Seattle Washington, Golden Alaska is unique in that all of the owners Read More...

Icicle Seafoods

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4019 21st Ave. W Seattle WA, 98119

Icicle Seafoods has a rich heritage rooted in Alaska. During the winter of 1965 a group of local fishermen and employees purchased the Pacific American Fisheries cannery in Petersburg, Alaska, with visions of building a superior seafood company. Though back Read More...

Leader Creek Fisheries

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PO Box 17013 • Seattle, WA 98127

Leader Creek Fisheries is a producer of wild Alaskan sockeye salmon products in Naknek, AK.  Their all-refrigerated fishing fleet was the first of its kind in Bristol Bay and will forever be one of the cornerstones of their quality-focused operation. Read More...

Nautilus Seafoods

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2442 Northwest Market Street Suite #705 Seattle, Washington 98107

Nautilus Seafoods is  a Washington state seafood processing and sales concern. They are a 100% American-owned export company dealing in most major north Pacific fish species. Their primary markets are Norway, Japan and Korea. Approximately 25% of their business involves managing Read More...

O’Hara Corp

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7017 15th Ave NW Seattle WA, 98117

O'Hara Corporation has withstood the test of time operating fishing vessels across both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans for over 100 years. Starting in Massachusetts, Francis J. O'Hara began building his sailing feet in 1903; after four generations, the process Read More...

Ocean Beauty

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1100 W Ewing St Seattle, WA 98107

Ocean Beauty began in 1910 as a storefront on the Seattle waterfront called the Washington Fish and Oyster Company. Ocean Beauty is a vertically integrated seafood company owning and operating shore side processing plants in Alaska. They have an advantage in Read More...

Ocean Peace

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4201 21st Ave W Seattle WA, 98199

Ocean Peace owns and operates two catcher/processors that operate in the Bering Sea & Aleutian Islands.  Both the F/T Ocean Peace and the F/T Seafisher catch, process and freeze-at-sea a variety of premium wild-caught Alaskan whitefish. OPI is a member of the Ground Fish Forum Read More...

Peter Pan Seafoods

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2200 6th Ave # 10, Seattle, WA 98121

Peter Pan Seafoods is one of America's best-known names in wild Alaskan Seafood products. Throughout the food service industries and within the retail trades, Peter Pan has achieved a hard won reputation built on the quality and sales appeal of Read More...

Premier Pacific Seafoods

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333 First Ave. W Seattle WA, 98119

Premier Pacific Seafoods incorporated in 1993 as the marketing and management company for the SS Ocean Phoenix. As the groundfish fishery changed in the 1990's, Premier Pacific Seafoods managed the conversion of the SS Ocean Phoenix to a fish processing ship Read More...

Signature Seafoods

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4257 24th Ave W Seattle WA, 98199

Signature Seafoods was established in 1996 to take advantage of new opportunities arising from the changing nature of the salmon industry. Utilizing skills and techniques developed in the Alaska ground-fish fisheries, Signature brings a new approach to salmon processing. They feature Read More...

Silver Bay Seafoods

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208 Lake St. Suite 2E Sitka, Alaska 99835

Silver Bay Seafoods is an integrated processor of frozen, headed and gutted salmon for domestic and export markets. We began in 2007 as a single salmon processing facility in Sitka, Alaska. Today, Silver Bay is one of the largest seafoods Read More...

Trident Seafoods

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5303 Shilshole Ave NW Seattle WA, 98107

Trident Seafoods is a vertically integrated harvester, processor and marketer of seafood from Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and around the world. Founded in 1973, they are a privately held, American owned corporation operating offshore processors and shore-side plants throughout Alaska and Read More...


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15400 NE 90th St Redmond WA, 98052

UniSea produces an impressive variety of finished seafood products that are distributed throughout the world. Their parent company, Nippon Suisan Kaisha (NISSUI), headquartered in Japan, claims UniSea among its largest subsidiaries. UniSea operates state-of-the-art processing facilities in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, where Read More...