Arctic Storm Management Group, LLC (ASMG) is a Seattle-based company that oversees the fishing and processing of four fishing vessels that operate in the waters of Alaska and the West Coast.  The companies that make up ASMG  include Arctic Fjord, Inc., Arctic Storm, Inc., Fjord Seafoods, LLC., F/V Neahkahnie, LLC., Sea Storm Fisheries, Inc.

Arctic Storm, Inc., was formed in the mid-80s when a contract for reconstruction of the C/P Arctic Storm was signed in September 1986 with Wright Schuchart Harbor Company, a construction firm located in Seattle, Washington. The ship was successfully converted and turned over to the owners in January 1988.

Late December of 1993, Arctic Storm, Inc., acquired management of C/P Arctic Fjord. Previously named the Pacific Orion, the Arctic Fjord began fishing in January of 1994. With the new management, a newly assembled crew, new equipment and updated maintenance, the vessel quickly became a success both in the production of surimi and fillets.

5582536077_e450eddb0a_bArctic Storm Management’s Catcher Processor Arctic Fjord