O’Hara Corporation has withstood the test of time operating fishing vessels across both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans for over 100 years. Starting in Massachusetts, Francis J. O’Hara began building his sailing feet in 1903; after four generations, the process continues. From setting a seine net off the Coast of Maine for herring, participating in the scallop fishery out of New Bedford, Mass and operating factory processing boats in the Pacific Northwest, and even a marina in Maine, nothing seems to faze the O’Hara Corporation.

The heart of O’Hara Corporation surrounds the factory processing vessels out of Seattle, Washington.

O’Hara Corporation has ridden the crests and troughs of the fishing industry for over a century. Starting with one vessel in 1907, founder Francis J O’Hara grew his business into the largest privately owned fishing company in the country during the 1940’s. Moving from generation to generation, currently O’Hara Corporation operates three catcher-processor vessels in the Bering Sea of Alaska, interest in processing operations in China, owns twelve scallop boats in New Bedford, MA, and two herring boats in Rockland, Maine.

constellationConstellation of the O’Hara Corporation Fleet Underway