Blue North is a sustainable natural resource company designed for the 21st century. Founded a generation ago by two adventurous brothers, it takes old businesses – like fishing, timber, agriculture, trading, and boat-building – and transforms them into new and profitable enterprises.

As an opportunity seeker and value creator, Blue North is always relevant, always responsible, and always looking ahead. But it’s also authentic to the core.

IMG_0971AK Seiner Shelter Cove of the Blue North Fisheries Fleet

Their fishing vessels are focused on quality, as opposed to quantity, and each fish is individually hooked and handled. Freezer longliners are also specifically designed to avoid bycatch and have the unique ability to carefully release any unwanted catch back into the sea with minimum damage. This sensitive, sensible and sustainable process helps bring the world’s best frozen-at-sea Alaska cod to market.

The company uses both cutting-edge technology and high-quality craftsmanship to maintain its strong, solid leadership. It’s dedicated to the environment as a steward of sustainability on land and in the water. It’s determined to provide good family-wage jobs. And it believes that beauty truly matters.