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Seattle Christmas Boat Parade 2023, Lake Union Loop, Supporting Seattle Children’s Hospital Annual Toy Drive, Fire Up The Mains!

Seattle Christmas Boat Parade, December 16, 2023 – Lake Union full loop with no bridge lifts. The Christmas Boat Parade starts at 7:00pm sharp at the sound of the jolting wheelhouse loud horns kicking of the mains in goRead more

Maritime Instructor, Seattle Maritime Academy, Hands On PNW And Global Maritime Industry, Marine Engineering & Deck Technology At Sea Training

T/V Maritime Instructor docks directly in front of the Seattle Maritime Academy’s new state of the art building with training focused on, on water training aboard their fleet of vessels. At the end of the certificate program, you will participateRead more

Restaurants & Bars In Ballard WA Maritime Community, Support NW Local Business Owners

Salty Dog Boating News & Salty Dog Maritime Marketing features the top local picks: Ballard WA, is a Scandinavian neighborhood famous – Seattle Christmas Boat Parade & for its lively nightlife, plethora of Restaurants, Shops, Pastry and Coffee Shops,Read more

Pacific Northwest Commercial Fishing Supply Companies, Salty Dog Fishermen’s Choice: SEAMAR, LFS, Fisheries Supply, Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers

No matter where you're fishing, you need gear. And the better gear you've got, the better catch you're going to get. The Pacific Northwest's thriving

Wild Salmon Smoked Chowder, Northwest Comfort Food: PNW Salty Dog Boaters, Try This Fresh Seafood Recipe

Support Local NW Fishing, Smoked Salmon Chowder, Northwest Classic Fishermen’s Terminal in the ship canal is packed with Seine fishing boats coming and going, Pacific Northwest Fishing prep is underway! Salty Dog Boating News – Comfort Food Wild SalmonRead more

Seattle Christmas Boat Parade, December 2023, Judges Location at Morrisons North Star Fuel Dock & The Parade Ends at Morrisons Dock

Seattle Christamas Boat Parade is Saturday, December 16, 2023. This Annual Christmas Boat Parade is know as the famous Lake Union Loop at 4 knots, the Parade Start Time is 7:00pm.  Starting directly in front of Fremont Tugboats withRead more

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