sybass logo_9042465298_405892286122320_961250592_o Superyacht Builders Association – Superyacht Rendezvous

SYBAss was set up to represent large yacht builders in a constantly changing world. Prior to their establishment, the specific needs of the superyacht industry were often squeezed between the maritime leisure and professional marine industries. SYBAss ensures that the interests of superyacht builders are given the priority they deserve.

To facilitate communication between their members and their clients, and the wider industry.

Cooperating with regulators to ensure that rules which impact superyachts take into account the unique nature of their industry.

Improving the processes and structures of the superyacht industry and providing members with a single professional body that allows common interests to be shared.

There are many players involved in the superyacht sector, from designers to suppliers, architects to brokers, regulators to owner’s reps. Ultimately, however, it is the builder who has final responsibility for the end product. SYBAss represents the most experienced and prestigious yards.

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