Ballard, WA restaurant Stoneburner & the Olympic Rooftop Pavilion features rustic European cooking coaxed from a stone hearth & pasta counter.  Small producer wines are also available &  their libations are dynamic.

Stoneburner has taken a different approach to describing cuisine; their intent is to describe an experience rather than mimic time-worn traditions. There are Italian elements to the cuisine, but describing it as “Italian” or “modern Italian” or “northwest Italian” would miss the point entirely. They feel it should be timeless: friends, hearth, drink, nourishment.

Their’ve struggled with how to describe their cuisine not because it’s hard to understand but because it’s so elemental. They feel terms “fresh”, “farm to table”, “sustainable” and the like are already tired, sadly. The folks at Stoneburner are not so foolish as to think their words are going to transcend trends, nonetheless these are the words that come to mind when they think about jason’s cooking:

Timeless: elemental. Hand harvested. No boundaries. Nourishing: restorative, soulful. Effortless: without pretense. Intuitive. prideful. Balanced. Exact.

safe_imageCharred Kale Sandwich from Stoneburner