Ballard, WA restaurant Ballard Loft rotating tap ensures that you can enjoy your old favorite or sample a new brew. Or, try one of the specialty cocktails at Ballard Loft, each one created to excite your tastebuds. Hungry? The Ballard Loft menu consists of all your favorite Pub foods with flare, quality and freshness. Be sure to try their popular and hard to beat “Spicy Honey Hot Wings”.

Ballard Loft was built in 2007 and opened for business at the beginning of 2008. Before the space was ever a Loft, it housed a machine shop. The location of Ballard Loft and its space have contributed much to the overall look of the venue. The large garage door along with the front patio is remnant of the machine shop, and the large jib (crane) hanging from the center of the restaurant was a machine crane used to hoist heavy equipment and parts. All of the railings inside and out were fabricated by the previous tenant (Kughler Co. and MK Metal Fab). Not only did the previous occupants of the space play a role in the overall look of Ballard Loft, but its location within Ballard does as well.