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6415 32ND AVENUE NW, SEATTLE, WA 98117

Picolinos in Ballard, WA strives to offer authentic regional Italian cuisine, in a warm and casual neighborhood style. Prices are reasonable and great care is taken to carefully select high quality ingredients, wines and spirits which compliment the cuisine. The restaurant Read More...

Staple & Fancy

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4739 Ballard Ave NW Seattle, Washington

Ballard, WA restaurant Staple & Fancy is simple, Italian-inspired food and offers innovative à la carte staple choices in addition to a popular chef’s choice fancy menu. The latter is a multi-course feast of seasonal dishes crafted by the chef Read More...


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5214 Ballard Ave NW Seattle, Washington

Ballard, WA restaurant Stoneburner & the Olympic Rooftop Pavilion features rustic European cooking coaxed from a stone hearth & pasta counter.  Small producer wines are also available &  their libations are dynamic. Stoneburner has taken a different approach to describing cuisine; their intent is to Read More...


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5411 Ballard Ave Northwest, Seattle Washington 98107

Ballard, WA restaurant Volterra’s Chef Don Curtiss & Michelle Quisenberry bring seasonal, Tuscan cuisine to Seattle & Kirkland. Housemade pasta, local ingredients, natural meats, & fabulous wines. Named after the Tuscan hilltop town where the couple married in 2004, Volterra features the Read More...