Ballard, WA restaurant Skillet has quite the history. In 2007, Chef Josh Henderson created Skillet Street Food in Seattle, one of the first food experiences of what has since become a prototype for the national street food movement that has swept the country. Out of a vintage Airstream trailer, he created innovative lunch menus based on American-inspired food prepared with classic technique and seasonal ingredients. The reception from Seattleites was immediate and passionate. They were drawn to the chef-driven food, the excitement of being a part of a new, energetic, urban experience.

Since then, the business has grown up. They are still creating great menus served throughout the streets of Seattle from the Airstream. But Skillet is now much more than that. Supported by an outstanding team of almost 100 talented people, they are a thriving catering enterprise, supporting weddings, private parties, and corporate events throughout the Pacific Northwest. They are cooking more Skillet deliciousness every day at their three restaurants: the Skillet Diner in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, the Skillet: Counter located in the Armory at the Seattle Center, and their newest Skillet Diner located in Ballard.

54f01c16b5066_01Gourmet Burger from Skillet