Ballard, WA restaurant Pono Ranch, located in the heart of Ballard, strives to always use fresh organic ingredients and make everything in-house; biscuits, juices, sauces, dressings and more all put together from scratch with love by a top-notch kitchen staff. Their meats, produce, and fruits are either organic or naturally raised.

Sustainability matters at Pono, and the current site was constructed in part with material re-purposed from the original structure including the bar, portions of the tables, and the fencing as well as materials gathered from salvage yards, the woods, and industry friends at large. A full water filtration system, solar water heating, radiant floor heating and more are all an integral part of their sustainable vision for the Pono Ranch experience. They care not only about you but the world and community around them.

10-crop-sky-not-anchor-lighten-brighten-up-pic-1024x636Pono Ranch Outdoor Seating