Ballard, WA restaurant Zaw has SOUL. In fact, they use SOUL – Seasonal, Organic, Unique, Local – as a guide to help them in their decisions of where and who to get their ingredients from. If it doesn’t have a bit of SOUL, it doesn’t go into a bite of Zaw!

In addition to all of their regular offerings, Zaw features seasonal specialty pizzas that you won’t find anywhere else. Do you think a pizza is just a pizza? Well Zaw, at the risk of sounding bold, thinks that’s simply not the case. And that’s because, wherever and whenever possible, if it’s not seasonal, organic, unique, local, it just doesn’t get near a ‘zaw. They don’t let anything but the finest ingredients touch their incredible crusts made with Bob’s Red Mill flours- available in traditional, whole wheat and gluten-free, and all bursting with flavor. Top it all off with their easy,10-minute bake-at-home or ‘cue-at-home factor, and you have yourself a ‘zaw.

1503525_10153635292962565_2443433796423248332_nOne of Zaw’s Seasonal Pizzas