Ballard, WA restaurant Plaka Estiatorio serves delicious Greek fare.  Their Athenian style restaurant is serving seasonal dishes as well as the traditional favorites. They have opened their doors to you, so come join the family and experience generations of downright home cooking.

Plaka, the ancient district of Athens, was a gathering place for free thinkers who roamed the marble lined streets below the great walls of the Acropolis. The labyrinth of the streets have given way to a renaissance of wafting scents of grilled meats, fresh seafood, as well as roasted garden vegetables. The harmony of scents mingling with the faint sounds of the bouzoukis dancing through amber hues and the chatter of locals and tourists who share a glass of retsina and an array of Greek wines have graced this district for nearly a century. Plaka is the expression of their family experience, cultivating recipes, and sharing authentic Greek food.

11002499_885181081503611_6721443131306729871_nDelicious Traditional Greek Fare at Plaka Estiatorio