Ballard, WA restaurant The Matador is their original location and remains their flagship. Although the Ballard Matador is their smallest store, it is consistently ranked as their most popular venue due to its ideal location on the corner of Market Street and Ballard Avenue. The patio is a perfect spot to dine or stop by for refreshments on your way to the Ballard Sunday Market, Ballard Seafood Festival, or Norwegian Festival.

Pride and architectural ingenuity go hand-in-hand in all of their restaurants and are represented in the exquisite and unique details throughout each venue. Old world Mexico meets Texas saloon at The Matador where you will find meticulously handcrafted tables and bar, custom fabricated iron-work, and antique light fixtures. Sit at the spacious, wood inlaid bar and watch the game on one of two 46” high definition plasma televisions or join them in the dining room where you will find roomy booths and inviting, efficient service. The open fireplace is also surrounded with seating—just the place to enjoy good food, drink and conversation.

10359898_10153118965171321_4814689552141529888_nTexas-size Nachos from The Matador