Untitled-2Central Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association

Central Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association, CBSFA – and other Saint Paul Island, AK entities have been continuously addressing the halibut concerns and are active in the IPHC and North Pacific Fishery Management (NPFMC) processes. Action has been initiated at the NPFMC to reduce halibut bycatch and expansion to the current IPHC survey is planned for the future. While there is still uncertainty and a lot of work to be done, they hope that the new regulatory and stock assessment developments will lead to increases in the halibut catch limits and help halibut stocks remain viable for the future.

Early Dawn is Part of the Central Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association

Central Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association seeks to develop a viable, self-sustaining, independent fisheries development organization that, on behalf of the local fishermen, the community of St. Paul as a whole, and in cooperation with other Bering Sea Coastal Communities and CDQ groups, will ensure key participation in fishery related development in the region while exercising proper resource stewardship.

In 2014, CBSFA provided annual payments of $4000 to energy suppliers or housing entities on behalf of community elders age 55 and over. Over the years, CBSFA has increased its contributions to help alleviate the increasing cost of living in rural Alaska. St. Paul’s residents continue to be affected by the rising cost of living in many ways. CBSFA created the Elder Subsistence Halibut and Crab Donation Program, which disburses halibut portions and crab to community elders twice a year. Efforts to expand the program were made possible through cooperation with SeaShare, an organization dedicated to providing seafood as a source of hunger-relief. CBSFA was able to acquire and disburse Chinook and Chum salmon received from SeaShare.