akbcsAlaska Bering Sea Crabbers

Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers, ABSC – fish for King, Snow and Bairdi crab in the Bering Sea. They are also actively involved in scientific research, policy development, and marketing. They are committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability of their fishery. They are a non-profit, seafood industry trade association based in Seattle, Washington.

Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers represents crab harvesters who fish in the Bering Sea. Their members come primarily from Alaska, Washington, and Oregon. Many of these members are from multi-generational, family fishing operations. They are committed to ensuring that their fishery continues to provide for their families now and in the future.

Wizard is Among the Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers Fleet

Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers seek to continue to be vigilant stewards of their crab resources and the environment, provide economic stability to their industry and Alaska’s coastal communities, promote safety at sea, and produce premier crab products for their American and global customers. ABSC stands together to be actively involved in all aspects of crab fishery research, sound management and marketing. They are proactive advocates to benefit the crab resource and the independently owned businesses of Alaska’s Bering Sea crab fisheries. By participating in the regulatory process, they can continue to make a positive difference for the fishing fleets and families that depend on their crab fisheries for their livelihood.