Lebanese food, as a Middle Eastern Cuisine, shares a lot with all Eastern Mediterranean food cultures but also distinguishes itself because of the specific geography and culture that makes up Lebanon. The Lebanese have a considerable Christian population, were colonized by the French and Lebanon was the St. Tropez of the East during the 1950s and 60s, bringing well-heeled and celebrity visitors from all over the world. These specific circumstances led to Lebanon, especially Beirut, to develop a more sophisticated, and refined cuisine than many of her neighbors. It has also led to Lebanese food being held in the highest regard from people all over the Arab World.

The food is also very healthy, lots of fresh, raw vegetables, beans, nuts and herbs, grilled meats and rice. About 75% of their menu is vegetarian with many of those being vegan.

1798975_481495568629324_2043476984_oCheese Sambousek from Cafe Munir