bbrsda-logoBristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association

Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association, BBRSDA – is the only fleetwide organization specifically mandated to advance the quality and market-success of Bristol Bay salmon,  address fishery-related infrastructure requirements in the Bristol Bay region, and create research and education programs to ensure long-term success of the world’s largest and most valuable salmon fishery.

A member-elected board manages and directs the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association, and an executive director works with the board to carry out its policies. Under their bylaws, the elected board may also appoint up to three ex-officio members to represent non-assessment-paying entities that have a substantial interest in the fishery. Notices of elections for board positions are communicated to all members via email updates and newsletters. By state law, every drift permit holder operating in Bristol Bay is a member in good standing of this vital stakeholder organization. As they say at BBRSDA– if you run a boat in Bristol Bay, they’re part of your crew.

Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association is solely focused on improving the market value of Bristol Bay sockeye. Theirs is the most valuable salmon fishery in Alaska, and it is 98% sockeye by value. In 2004, the last year Bay fishermen “paid into” ASMI, their assessment generated about $750,000. That money was pooled with funds from other regions, then used to promote multiple seafood species statewide. Under the BBRSDA structure, their members – both directly and through their representatives on the board – determine how their assessment will be spent, and they can direct it towards more than just marketing. But whatever projects they allocate it to, they know that virtually all of their 1% assessment is dedicated to improving the market value of just one product – the fisherman’s. That’s the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association bottom line.’

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