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Alaska Marine Conservation Council

Alaska Marine Conservation Council’s, AMCC- mission is to protect the integrity of Alaska’s marine ecosystems and promote healthy, ocean-dependent coastal communities. They work to protect and restore the marine environment through sustainable fishing practices, habitat protection, and local stewardship. They support an ecosystem-based approach to research and marine resource management that incorporates the best science available, experiential knowledge, and the wisdom of tradition.

A healthy and diverse marine ecosystem has intrinsic value. People are a part of and depend upon a healthy and diverse marine ecosystem and have a responsibility to maintain it. Marine resource management must be comprehensive and incorporate indigenous, scientific, and experiential knowledge. The utilization of resources in the marine ecosystem requires management to prevent over-exploitation, destruction, and neglect of these resources and associated habitats. Coastal residents have a valuable and unique perspective on the marine ecosystem and the right to meaningful and influential participation on decisions. Fisheries management policies should ensure adequate, intergenerational access to fishing opportunities for local residents and communities.

Marona is a Partner of the Alaska Marine Conservation Council