Kadey Krogen Trawler, Kadey Krogen Yachts, with results from over a 35 year heritage of innovation and well over 550 Krogen yachts built. The origin of Kadey Krogen Trawlers is one of those stories we all love to hear. Larry Polster, Kadey Krogen Vice President shares this encouraging story, “two guys in a bar and a napkin sketch – literally, that is how Kadey Krogen Yachts was born. Broker Art Kadey had an idea for a live aboard trawler and sat with naval architect Jim Krogen and sketched the first boat in 1976.  That napkin sketch turned into the Krogen 42 of which 206 were built over the next 20 plus years. During the 1980s the company built a cutter sailboat as well as a coastal cruiser but in the 90s returned to its roots of building full displacement trawler yachts with the introduction of the 48’ Whaleback, the 48’ North Sea and the Krogen 39’.  In 2000 the Krogen 58’ was launched and between then and now we have brought to market a 44, 52 and 55.  We current build at 39, 44, 48, 52, 55 and 58 feet with designs for a 64 and 77.  Besides being robust, ocean going yachts, all models incorporate advanced ergonomics into their design.  This means house-like features of real risers and treads and household appliances.”  As Dennis Lawrence likes to say, “If you haven’t seen a Kadey-Krogen lately, you haven’t seen a Kadey-Krogen.”

Kadey Krogen Yachts, Pacific Northwest Best Cruising

The Kadey-Krogen Origin:  ‘Two guys in a bar and a napkin sketch!’

Awaken your cruising spirit in the Pacific Northwest aboard a Kadey-Krogen, its ideally designed for NW weather, seas, passages and channels.  Some of the features that enhance the NW experience are; a fully covered cockpit with weather doors, by enclosing this area provides what the owner’s refer to their back porch.  By opening the saloon doors, this area will be heated and greatly extends the living area.  The covered walkways will keep you out of the rain while securing the docking lines from the side decks and cockpit. “The fly bridge is what I call a pacific bridge, it sits aft of the wheelhouse and provides a wonderful location to experience our beautiful outdoors weather permitting and keeps a very low center of gravity (hence lower A/B ratio = more comfort at sea), wide decks and uncluttered foredecks this allows safe and easier egress.  With all of our new models, interior and exterior steps are house type meaning 8 inch risers between each step,” in Dennis’ words, based on this description it sounds like these yachts sell themselves.  By putting a lot of emphasis and careful thought on functionality, Krogen yachts provide large pilothouses offering outstanding visibility.  By using top quality house-hold brands, these galleys that are enjoyable and inspiring to cook in even in even on those typical NW overcast west days; Kadey-Krogen owners don’t need to stop for weather, they don’t let weather stop them.

Kadey Krogen 58′ Pacific Northwest, Alaska, San Juan Island PNW Cruising

“The unique aspect with any boat begins with the intended usage.  At Kadey-Krogen, the main influence is driven by just that.  This is a couple’s cruising power yacht, the focus is not given to a singular use intent rather the design is to provide a cruising platform that as we say provides a home on any sea.  To break this down into true meaning, each and every Kadey-Krogen can safely voyage any ocean and has the range to cross if so desired, blending so well a live-ability that is truly unmatched with the similarly compared brands.  From the commodious interiors and walkways to the abundant storage spaces to the cruiser friendly symmetrical hull form, produces the ideal balance.  Results are favored heavily on attributes poised for how most voyaging couples spend their time on the water,” describes Dennis.

The common thread of Kadey-Krogen owners is; they tend to be self starters, social and have a strong passion for exploration.  They tend to be Baby Boomers, some retired, some on their way to retirement.  Not all come with years of yachting experience but are very focused on what they are looking for.  Owners of Kadey-Krogen Yachts have a wide spectrum of cruising goals Dennis shares with us his first hand knowledge, “some Krogen owners have crisscrossed oceans, we currently have Krogen 52 owners who plan to do the three major Fjords of the world, Alaska-Norway-Patagonia. And some are content to voyage up and down the eastern seaboard.”

Kadey Krogen 48′ Galley, Full Displacement Trawler PNW Cruising Best

The hull form of a Kadey-Krogen is 25% more fuel efficient than the comparable brands due to the symmetrical wineglass hull form and with the rising cost of diesel fuel, that is a big reason owners are more content with taking those longer trips each year.  The hull form of the Kadey-Krogen is extremely comfortable underway since the hull form is not counteracting what the stabilization is eliminating, roll.  The hull form symmetry with the wineglass transom provides unparalleled directional stability for running in seas from astern.  It all comes down to comfort.  If your thinking of getting into a Kadey-Krogen take note – of ship hull shapes, current owners know these builder facts are absolutely true an actuate cruising without limits.

Each new Kadey-Krogen is built with a collision bulkhead forward and strategic areas are reinforced with an Aramid fiber to create high impact resistance.  Some of our models have up to 5 watertight bullheaded areas!  Windows are 10 mm thick tempered glass with heavy frames; doors are welded and seamless storm proof doors.  These safety features play heavily on putting a yachting couple at ease while voyaging in our Northwest waters.  This is exactly why Kadey-Krogen has spent an enormous amount of effort and money in the build process to reduce noise.  Excessive noise can sap your energy and by reducing the ambient noise around your cruising environment allows for far greater safety and comfort in those extended voyages.

“Our Kadey-Krogens are run by couples, not paid crews.  So we get it, understand that very clearly and provide just for that.  This is a key element for an ideal Northwest Yacht!  If you’ve been bitten by all of what the Northwest provides in a voyaging lifestyle the Krogen will surely put a smile on your face with each and every waypoint reached,” emphasised by Dennis a seasoned NW boater.

Kadey Krogen Trawlers built for PNW luxury, sanctuary, great cruising!

Coming Soon with Kadey-Krogen Yachts: 

May – Trawler Fest, PNW – New & Brokerage Models

September – Boats Afloat Boat Show, Seattle WA

September – Roche Harbor WA, Rendezvous

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