Dock Street Brokers in the heart of Ballard, WA is the Northwest fishermen source since 1976. The Dock Street Broker staff has many years experience fishing and tendering in various areas off the West Coast and throughout Alaska. They are experienced brokers with a capacity as brokers to help customers with buying and selling vessels, permits, and IFQs in all fisheries.

Dock Street brokers specialized in buying and selling of draggers, crabbers, gillnetters, bowpickers, tenders, trollers, seiners, processors, skiffs, a wide variety of Bristol Bay AK boats, longliners, research vessels, dive boats, utility boats, tuna boats, landing craft, cargo vessels, tugs and barges, set net skiffs & much more….

Alaska Permits is their speciality, Halibut Charters, Alaska Power Troll, Bristol Bay Drift, Bristol Bay Drift EMT, Bristol Bay Set Net, Bristol Bay Seanet Package, Area M Drift Gillnet, Kodiak Tanner Crab upt to 120′, Northern SE Hering, PWS Herring Seine, SE Salmon Drift, SE Shrimp, SE Shrimp Pot, SE Tender Crab, SE Salmon Drift, SE Tanner Crab…. you need a permit – Dock Street Brokers will make it happen you name the season they will get it done!

Alaska & NW Commercial Fishermen – Whether you are selling an asset, have questions about ever-changing regulatory issues, or if you’re looking to purchase a new boat, license, or expand your IFQ portfolio contact Dock Street Brokers in Seattle located in the heart of Ballard.

Dock Street Brokers takes pride in a low-pressure approach with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. Visit them at:

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