Cantalupi’s Commitment: They will better the world – lighting it beautifully. They will do it designing, producing & selling light fixtures that enhance the aesthetics of man’s spaces, cheer him up & elevate his ethical respect for his fellows, nature & the planet. Cantalupi has been supplying elite American Yacht Builders with superior marine LED lighting products. They at Cantalupi USA understand their client’s needs and have developed a whole new approach to custom Yacht lighting design including the new LED lighting technology. LED is fast becoming the predominant technology in architectural lighting as it is already in the marine lighting market.

Cantalupi’s architectural lighting products inherit with a unique mix, the look and quality of the finishes essential in the luxury yachts, the greenest and most efficient technologies and the utmost reliability. Cruise Ship Lighting has been fast changing in the last few years. LED lighting is now the new standard in the industry. Whether its is LED ambient lighting or LED accent lighting, Cantalupi USA has the innovative solution you are looking for in terms of efficiency, color rendering and aesthetics of the light fixture.