Breanna A. Sean Dwyer Family Boat, Summer Salmon Tender, Now Deadliest Catch, AK Bering Sea Crabber

Breanna A. Sean Dwyer Family Boat, Summer Salmon Tender, Deadliest Catch, AK Bering Sea Crabber

Sean Dwyer, Deadliest Catch Youngest Captain, of Brenna A. – Youngest Captain for the show Deadliest Catch, not the youngest in our commercial fishing industry.  The Breanna A. has been known as a summer salmon tender up in Alaska.  Now it’s a Bering Sea Crabber, Deadliest Catch has got Sean Dwyer as their new season 12 captain.  No family deserves opportunity more, hopefully this is a blessing and not a curse for the Dwyer family and Pat Dwyers fishing legacy and FIGHT ALS legacy!  It will be interesting to see how Discovery spins this story about – Sean and his father Pat a famous lifelong fishermen and the Breanna A. first season as an Alaskan Bering Sea Crabber.

“The below was a news post by our Salty Dog Publisher with Bristol Bay, Naknek Gal Roots – Salty Dog Boating News ran the below story a few years ago 2013, learning about below from crawling around the Brenna A. with Sean, helpful tips at the time from Jenny and Pat:  we hope you enjoy!  God bless our Alaska Fishermen & their families!  & Yes Deadliest Catch Producer contacted us/me/Salty Dog Boating News a few years ago…. about the below – ‘stories’ we/I ran on the Dwyer Family, Pat’s Lasting Legacy & the Brenna A.  Now a few years later come to find their family story on Deadliest Catch launching season 12.  May many blessings come through much more ALS exposure!”



By Salty Dog Publisher in 2013: His 1st Friday in Heaven!  Pat Dwyer leaves a lasting legacy – Bering Sea Crabber F/V Jennifer A. & Tender F/V Brenna A. – Known as one of the fastest tenders! (Sean’s Claim & he means it in his words!)  Eight years ago, Pat was diagnosed with the God awful disease – ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).   Known for his positive attitude and love for his boats and the sea.  Despite his declining health, Pat remained active – he was able to keep running his business St. George Marine, attending to the needs of his family, and serving on the Boards of ICE and ABSC.   Tuesday – June 4, 2013 Pat passed on.  The angels in heaven are dancing – putting on one heck of a party for Pat.

Pat had a profound positive influence on many in the maritime industry in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest as well as the ALS Community.  Pat and his family lead by great example.  Pat’s wife Jennifer, and his children Breanna and Sean, will continue to run St. George Marine.  May God Bless this family and their boats at sea.

Sean Dwyer Son & Pat Dwyer Father - F/V Breanna. & F/V Jennifer, Sean at home with his father! Fight ALS!

Sean Dwyer Son & Pat Dwyer Father, Brenna. & Jennifer, Sean at home with his father! Fight ALS!

Sean & Pat – Strong Fishermen! 

Pat Dwyer – Leaving a lasting legacy – Bering Sea Crabber – Loving Husband – Great Father – Through it all known for his positive attitude and love of fishing!


Below feature story & video with Sean released – Winter of 2013

Video Below: On the Boat F/V Brenna A. & Salty Dog Boating News, Sea Gal with Naknek Roots, Sean and I crawl around the boat! 

Video – Sean Dwyer, just in from Crabbing on the Bering Sea, AK, Just got off F/V Jennifer A. in the video we are on F/V Brenna A. – named after Sean’s sister!  Salty Dog Boating News Inquiries:  [email protected] – to talk to our Sea Gal! Yes, she muraled, painted all over S. Naknek, all those colorful paintings, that’s our girl, you know these mural if you’ve been up to south side!

“We like to brag about being the fastest tender in Bristol Bay and SE, Alaska” says Sean Dwyer.  Every commercial fishing family has a unique story; some of courage, sadness, loss, sacrifice and teamwork through the seasons.  This story is about a family who, ‘leads by great example.’ Pat Dwyer is the owner of St. George Marine Inc; it’s a family owned and operated business.  “In 1986, dad bought his 1st boat named St. George, he did crab in winter, then would do tender circuit – start with Herring then to Salmon.  The St. George was lost in 1991, the  faulty stability report lead to; too many pots on deck it iced up and rolled over.  The only thing found  was mom’s survival suite still in the bag, everyone died – all six crew gone,” describes Sean Dwyer, son of Pat Dwyer.   Jenny Dwyer, (mom) explains their great family dynamics, “Growing up we used to say Sean is Pats, shadow – he loves his dad; we are so proud of Sean.”

Sean is very wise and mature beyond his 22 years.   He clearly has learned a lot from his seasoned commercial fishing father.  The term ‘lead by example’ is really the best way to describe the Dwyer family.  Sean is calm, steadfast and packed with more boat, fishing knowledge at ease than he may realize.  In 1993 Pat bought F/V  Jennifer A. (Named after wife – Jenny) 2008 – 2010 the boat took few years off for a bunch of shipyard work with a big rebuild.  When Sean was asked how he communicated with his dad from Alaska while up fishing he said, “I started taking more of a position of sending him pictures he would figure out how to do things, he still runs the company;  I send pictures and we figure out what to do,” as Sean explains how this family business works through the harsh Alaska seasons.

Dwyer Family, AK Bering Sea Crabbers, Jenny Mom, Sean Son, Pat Father, Breanna Daughter

Dwyer Family, AK Bering Sea Crabbers, Jenny Mom, Sean Son, Pat Father, Breanna Daughter

Dwyer Family, Jenny, Pat, Sean, Breanna – Commercial Fishing Family

“In 2005, Dad was diagnosed with ALS – also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, (This disease is a rare progressive and degenerative disease affecting the pathways of the brain and spinal cord. It is characterized especially by increasing and spreading muscular weakness. ALS is a rare progressive and degenerative disease affecting the pathways of the brain and spinal cord. It is characterized especially by increasing and spreading muscular weakness.)   At the time he was working for Trident Seafoods with the Jennifer A.   In 2006 he brought F/V Brenna A. (Named after my sister) it used to fish brown crab, it was named the F/V Shishaldin. (After the Alaskan Volcano on Unimak Island)  ALS – disease is where nerves and muscles stop talking to each other, my dad has gone on 7 years now almost 8 years. He has slow progression, lost strength in arms first, when you lose the nerves they start to atrophy – arms, hands, breathing, now he’s wheel chair bound, he’s now on a feeding tube – he eats 5 food groups a day; better than the rest of us.  He has always had the boats to keep him going – his mind is good – he has lots of time to think, his mind is there – he’s just trapped in a bad body,” describes Sean in his calm at peace tone.

“My Dad always has a really good attitude, it’s what keeps him going. It’s a weird disease, no cure, no treatment, they don’t really know where it comes from, my dad has been in a shipyard since he was 19,  it’s a random deal everyone else he grew up with is healthy and for whatever reason he got a bum deal.  My mom is very active in fundraising for ALS with TDI.  TDI is one of main laboratories that focus’ on development for treatment.  Through-out it all the thing that has kept us going is fishing, crabbing.   My sister works for our family company, she’s decided to become more involved, she deals a lot with the crab co-op issues and all kinds of issues related to how we manage fisheries.   May Dad has always been very active with our co-op.   He’s a board member of his co-op that we’re in, it’s called – Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers; Mark Gleason is the Executive Director.  National Marine Fisheries and NOAA; we have people we have to answer to, add with surveys that have to be done, we have a lot to figure out – its big time,” describes Sean.

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Mission & Goals – Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers

“We seek to continue to be vigilant stewards of our crab resources and the environment, provide economic stability to our industry and Alaska’s coastal communities, and produce premier crab products for our American and global customers. ABSC will stand together to be actively involved in all aspects of crab fishery research, sound management and marketing. We will be proactive advocates to benefit the crab resource and the independently owned businesses of Alaska’s Bering Sea crab fisheries. By participating in the regulatory process, we can continue to make a positive difference for the fishing fleets and families that depend on our crab fisheries for their livelihood.”  For details visit:

F/V Jennifer A. Alaska Bering Sea Crabber, Sister Boat to F/ V Breanna A.

F/V Jennifer A. Alaska Bering Sea Crabber, Sister Boat to F/ V Brenna A.

Pat and Jenny Dwyer have had their business since 1986.  Sean describes the journey as; “it’s had its up and downs my dad diversified  himself working for other companies – he built his company from the ground up;  he never had an option to let it go. He’s always been known as one of the  smart and knowledgeable guys I the industry.  The only thing he saw was find a way to make this business work, even with ALS.”  Again we see ‘leadership by great example.’ Pat Dwyer is motivated man; with his strong family support system on the hip, along side of him it’s amazing how this family unit fights this darn ALS disease just as they fight the rough conditions of Alaskan Seas.  Some say ALS is death sentence; well maybe Pat out lives us all; anyone who has spent a season(s) in the Bering Sea or Bristol Bay knows our mind, can push our body a lot farther and longer than we dare to image – fishing is defined by ‘mind over matter – pushing ourselves beyond our limits.’

As Sean talks about his dad and ALS he mentions, “There is one drug that was supposed to work, for some people it slows stuff down.  The side effects weren’t worth it for my dad, he decided on whatever and to keep going.  Chinese herbs and acupuncture its mixed short term results– my mom swears by it, when my mom had cancer it helped her go through her chemo.”

The support of the maritime industry has been amazing toward the Dwyer Family; “He’s in wheel chair, his close friends in the industry have helped with fundraising – Trident Seafoods, owner Chuck Bundrant did a match on the ALS –TDI – Safeco Field Corntoss Fundraiser;  you go play Corntoss and drink beer it’s a good fishermen event. There is no cure for this disease, many diseases have very effective treatments, but not ALS”, says Sean with a bit more of a heavy heart when he speaks.

Breanna A. on the he hook in SE Alaska, about to take fish!

Brenna A. on the he hook in SE Alaska, about to take fish!

“Chuck and Diane Bundrant; have been most generous with us.  When Pat was first diagnosed they were one of the first ones to reach out to us and let us know that if we needed anything, they were there for us.  We have tendered for them for years; Pat worked for Norquest when Trident bought them.  He continued to work there until he could no longer physically do the job,” Jenny describes the marine industry dynamics and our close knit marine industry.

“We support ALS  TDI because we believe in their approach to finding a treatment for ALS.  They are efficient, innovative, open and work collaboratively with others so as to find treatments more quickly. Because ALS is 100% fatal, they believe in finding a treatment first, so people with ALS can live longer. We like that!  With 30 scientists on staff, working around the clock to understand ALS, we know our support will help TDI is on their mission to develop potential treatments and then end ALS. The people behind ALS TDI are concerned, passionate and driven by those who support them and live with this disease.  Pat and I feel confident in knowing that our donations to TDI are an investment to slowing down ALS and ultimately a cure.  ALS is a horrible rotten disease, but I have met the most amazing people because of it,” describes Jenny.

“There are over 30,000 people living with ALS in the US.  ALS TDI is the world’s largest research lab that focuses only on ALS.  They were started by one brother when another brother was diagnosed with ALS; they worked out of their parent’s basement and in 12 years have grown to a 52 person operation, with 30 of those people being scientists that are working in the TDI lab in Boston, around the clock.  It’s a family thing for TDI and many people there have been touched by ALS and their first CEO died from complications of disease.  They are a 4 star charity as rated by Charity Navigator,” describes Jenny.   For Details Visit:

‘Pat and Jenny have been involved in the ALS community for 6+ years, and they chose ALS TDI as the solution to Pat’s disease, even if Pat might not see the day when there is a solution.  To develop a new drug usually costs $12 billion and 12 years.  ALS TDI has a drug, Gilenya, going to trial in May.  We did that in under 7 years and for under a total of $70M.  The Dwyers support ALS TDI, and would welcome the support of all of Pat’s colleagues in the fishing industry by donating at  ALS TDI “National Corntoss Challenge” will be in August 2013 (date TBA) at Safeco Field in Seattle, WA. Anyone in the marine industry who would like to be a corporate sponsor and to register for the event please visit‘ –  described by Mike Shannon, Western Regional Director of ALS TDI.

ATTENTION:  Superyacht Owners, Captains & Crew – your invited to donate & or participate in the ALS TDI “National Corntoss Challenge” July – Safeco Field, Seattle WA.  Let’s work together using great resources – as a united maritime front for treatment that improves lives!  

The Team at Salty Dog Boating News has the Dwyer and family & all those Fighting ALS in our prayers, “Now faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what your do not see.” –  Hebrews 11:1



Story about: AK Bering Sea, Fishing Family! 

The Dwyer children plan to carry on with their father’s legacy through the family business.   Pat Dwyer – leading by great example,  as husband, father, family man, businessman and Bering Sea fishermen!

Pat Dwyer – Leaving a lasting legacy – Bering Sea crabbing family leads by great example!