Alaska Bering Sea Crab Legs, NW Salty Dog Boaters Recipes

Alaska Bering Sea Crab Legs, NW Salty Dog Boaters Recipes, Deadliest Catch Fans Get Crab!

Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers, Support Our Fishermen: Pacific Northwest, Alaska Seafood, Alaska King Crab is for all Seasonal Parties & Events: Eat Fresh, Buy Wild: Salty Dog Boating News & Salty Dog Maritime Marketing is the PNW commercial fishing boat marine traffic source. Try This Salty Dog Boating Crab Recipe! Get your crab now! Eat WILD! Alaska Red King Crabs were historically the most commercially important shellfish species in Alaska. Since statehood in 1959, U.S. fishers have harvested nearly 2 billion plus pounds of red king crab worth more than $1.6 billion plus, plus…. from Alaska waters.  Alaska King Crab have a remarkable lifespan, males and females estimated to live up to 20-30 years.

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AK Bering Sea, Alaska Crab Facts About Movement: Adult red king crabs exhibit near shore to offshore (or shallow to deep) and back, annual migrations. They come to shallow water in late winter and by spring the female’s embryos hatch. Adult females and some adult males molt and mate before they start their offshore feeding migration to deeper waters. Adult crabs tend to segregate by sex off the mating-molting grounds. Red, blue, and golden king crabs are seldom found co-existing with one another even though the depth ranges they live in and habitats may overlap. Adult male red king crabs in the Kodiak area have been known to migrate up to 100 miles round-trip annually, moving at times as fast as a mile per day.
Alaska King Crab Legs, God Bless our Fishermen!

Alaska King Crab Legs, God Bless our Fishermen!

Enjoy Healthy Crab Recipes Below:



1 medium Alaska Grown onion

1 medium Alaska Grown carrot

1 stalk Alaska Grown celery

1 bay leaf

1/2 Tablespoon ground turmeric

3 garlic cloves

1/2 Tablespoon black peppercorn

3 stalks lemongrass (split)

1 package (about .5 oz.) kaffir lime leaves

3 quarts water


Place all ingredients in a large pot over high heat; bring to a boil.  Reduce heat to low and simmer for 1 hour.  Place a fine-mesh sieve over a large bowl and strain broth, discarding solids.  Keep broth warm until ready to serve.


2 cups cooked tri-colored quinoa (1/2 cup dry uncooked quinoa)

1 cup torn Alaska Grown kale leaves

1 Tablespoon olive oil

1 Tablespoon minced garlic


Remove stems from kale and tear leaves into bite-size pieces.  Heat oil in a pan and sauté garlic 1 minute or until golden.  Turn off heat and stir in kale and cooked quinoa.


1 bunch cilantro

1-1/2 Tablespoons fresh grated ginger

1 Tablespoon rice wine vinegar

2 oz. toasted almonds (about 3/4 cup slivered)

1/3 cup olive oil

Salt and Pepper,  to taste


Place all ingredients in a blender and purée; set aside.


4 oz. Alaska Grown fennel, sliced thin

1 orange, segmented

1 teaspoon fresh lime juice

Salt and Pepper, to taste


Combine fennel and orange in a mixing bowl.  Squeeze lime over and season with salt and pepper; set aside.


8 oz. clarified butter (see Note)

2 to 3 lb. wild Alaska king crab

Alaska Grown beet sprouts, for garnish


Heat clarified butter in a small saucepan and keep war crabmeat from shell, keeping the meat in one piece, if possible.  Dip crab in butter and gently toss to coat just before serving.

To serve: In a shallow serving bowl per person, add 1 or 2 ladles of Kaffir Lime Broth.  Toss Wilted Kale and Quinoa Salad with Cilantro Ginger Pesto and divide evenly among bowls.  Top with Butter-Poached King Crab and Fennel Orange Salad.  Garnish, if desired, with Alaska Grown beet sprouts.

NOTE: To make clarified butter, heat 12 oz. unsalted butter in a heavy-duty saucepan over low heat until melted.  Simmer gently until foam rises to top of surface; remove pan from heat and skim froth from the top (discard foam or keep for adding to soups, polenta, bread, oatmeal, etc.).  Line a fine-mesh strainer with cheesecloth and place over a bowl.  Strain butter, leaving any solids in the pan.  Store clarified butter in refrigerator up to several weeks.

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Recipe by Chef Shane Moore, South Restaurant, Anchorage, AK  &, THANK YOU!

AK Crab Growth: Because a crab’s skeleton is its shell (made mostly of calcium), it must molt its shell in order to grow. Juveniles molt many times in their first few years, then less frequently until they reach sexual maturity in four or five years. Adult females must molt in order to mate but males do not. Adult males often skip a molt and keep the same shell for one or two years. Red king crabs can grow very large with the record female and male weighing 10.5 and 24 pounds, respectively. These large crabs were estimated to be 20–30 years old. The male’s leg span was nearly 5 feet across.

Alaska Bering Sea Crab Legs, GO WILD with Seafood on Every Meal!

Alaska Bering Sea Crab Legs, GO WILD with Seafood on Every Meal!

Enjoy Healthy Cooking With AK Seafood!