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Bristol Marine Insurance is located in the heart of Seattle, east of the Ballard Locks at Salmon Bay Marine Center. The Pacific Northwest is booming with boat traffic 24/7. This very bizarre pandemic has been traumatic, devastating and scary for the world in 2020. Soon into the New Year the country and many parts of the world quickly became on lockdown – some still are; and or opening then shutting down shortly after. Boating is an excellent way to escape, while maintaining state guidelines and restrictions. Bristol Marine Insurance is the leading source for your vessel insurance needs.

Bristol Marine Insurance is located in Seattle WA, in the Pacific Northwest at Salmon Bay Marine Center, SBMC, Photography By: Salty Dog Boating News PNW

Who knew boats would be flying out of their slips in 2020, as they are this year. The PNW thriving maritime industry and boating world – has had an absolute burst with a boom for the active boating industry and community. 2020 has been about a lot less sitting at the dock on the boat and much more firing up the mains, tossing lines and cruising out on the next adventure. Nationwide boat sales are up significantly – up, up, up… in the greater Seattle region and Pacific Northwest it’s been a spring and summer of rocking and rolling, boats on the go. Fall is also expected and predicted to be just as busy on the water.

Bristol Marine Insurance is located in the heart of Seattle, Nothing Beats Lake Union Fun on a Boat, Live Your Dream, Photography By: Salty Dog Boating News NW

The Covid-19 Worldwide Pandemic of 2020 has brought about many challenges, the scuttle butt on the docks is, “We are going to run out of boats to sell!”  So say, “This is a very good problem to have.” The Pacific Northwest has endless cruising grounds, honey holes to drop the hook, the San Juan Islands, many private bays, lakes and sounds; it’s a boater’s paradise.

Bristol Marine Insurance has an amazing, savvy team. Including insurance services – for the yachting community, the marine industry, yacht brokers, repair and new build; focusing on high asset personal risk customers and small to medium businesses. Whether it is a home, auto, yacht or business coverage Bristol Marine Insurance always strives to work for the best interests their clients. The proof is in the pudding as its standard for their yacht clients to merge into also being home, business and auto insurance clients.

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Sitting on your boat is a heck of a lot better than sitting in your car. We’ve seen a lot of things be ‘sold out’ in the pandemic, creeping up there in the ‘sold out’ category is – boats, they are increasingly in shorter supply. Many people and families are looking for a ways to vacation and get out of the house; they’re taking the money they might have spent on trips to Europe or across county, on camps or retreats and funneling that cash into a boat…. all sizes, makes and models of boats are selling like hot cakes.

Live your dream, get out on the water, let the fresh air flow. Bristol Marine Insurance will assist you in the right marine insurance that fits your boating needs. Maybe its sitting on the anchor in Andrews Bay or cruising over to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island; practice safe boating, be prepared and enjoy new sights, seafood and smells all the way there and back.

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Practice Safe Boating – Be Prepared, Be Educated!