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SeaHawk Paints’ recently released epoxy system has a new name, logo and colorful label artwork. SeaHawk’s new Hawk Epoxy, manufactured by SeaHawk Paints, a division of New Nautical Coatings, Inc., is a state-of-the-art epoxy system for building and repairing boats, planes, surfboards, canoes, and many other substrates. Hawk Epoxy is an easy to use, low-viscosity, low blush epoxy system that makes building and repair jobs a breeze.

“Building and repairing fiberglass structures is a demanding process that requires strict adherence to proper procedures,” reported Erik Norrie, CEO of New Nautical Coatings. “The foundation of our system is our R1 Epoxy Resin which fulfills all of the different application needs with its eleven-part catalyst and fairing options,” he said. “Bonding, fairing, coating, waterproofing and air exchange reduction have never been simpler.”

Hawk-Epoxy-product-lineupEpoxy for All Boat Needs & Situations

Any of the six Hawk Epoxy Fillers can be used with any combination of Hawk Epoxy Resin and Catalysts, giving the user a large range of epoxy blends, all within a single system. “If you need a fast cure due to schedule constraints or if you need a very thick fairing compound, Hawk Epoxy has the situation covered,” Norrie said. “After a proper cure, it can be sanded into a fine-tuned shape for the highest-quality finish.” Hawk Epoxy’s color-coded sizing procedure ensures accuracy.

The R1 Epoxy Resin is used for general fiberglass repair and construction for superior adhesion, strength, bonding, filling, and moisture barrier. Catalysts include the C1 Ultra Slow, C2 Slow Cure, C3 Fast Cure and C5 Clear Finish. The catalyst to choose depends on many factors such as air temperature, structure requirements and required working time. Fillers include F1 High Load Adhesive Fiber, F2 Structural Adhesive, F3 Light Density Adhesive Micro Fiber, F4 Bridging Adhesive, F5 Light Density Fairing and F6 MicroSphere Fairing.

Tuff StuffSea Hawk Paints’ Tuff Stuff Epoxy Primer

SeaHawk’s Research and Development Team takes pride in its never-ending pursuit of innovative marine coatings, repair supplies and epoxy solutions to solve contemporary problems. “We’re constantly experimenting with new formulas to provide peak performance and simplify application processes,” said Norrie. “From environmentally-friendly solutions to bio-engineered technologies, we have consistently created new, ground-breaking products every year.”

New Nautical Coatings, Inc., manufacturer of Sea Hawk Paints, was established in 1978. Sea Hawk’s mission is to provide boat owners around the world with the highest quality, most pleasurable to use, application specific solutions for protecting and enhancing the longevity and performance of their vessels.

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