LaCasse Maritime is a full service global crew and vessel support agency based on the West Coast of the United States and has been the answer for visiting super yachts for over 22 years. They have been in the marine business for more than 40 years and were one of the world’s first full service professional yacht crew placement agencies.


The Pacific cruising grounds from San Diego to Alaska are unique and place special demands on voyaging yachts. There are long stretches of unsettled coastline and only a handful of full service marinas from the Mexican border all the way to Seattle and beyond. Yachts arrive, lured by the nearly 23,000 miles of mostly undeveloped shoreline from Seattle, north through British Columbia and along Alaska’s rugged coastline. A successful cruise in this region requires research, organization and planning and a network of resources few captains and owners have the time to implement.

LaCasse Maritime supports all vessel requirements when voyaging the Pacific from San Diego to Alaska including Canada’s British Columbia waters. For more than two decades they have been the premiere West Coast vessel support agency satisfying every possible need for every type and size of yacht, both power and sail, that has traveled to their region.

  • Crew Placement
  • Global Provisioning
  • Parts, Supplies, Repairs and Shipyard Services
  • Bunkering
  • Berthing
  • Pilotage & Waivers
  • Cruising Permits, Licenses, Visas, etc…
  • Captain’s Resources
  • Guiding Services

LaCasse Maritime can accommodate haul outs up to 300ft and dockside vessels up to 400ft. They have the facilities, the multitalented work force, and the resourceful and flexible management team to perform multiple jobs at any and all times. They have also assembled the finest Craftsman, Technicians & Paint Crew on the West Coast, if not throughout the United States.


There are cruising grounds that yachts often voyage to when seeking an escape to the natural wonders of a remote coast. Getting parts and supplies delivered to these regions takes understanding the territory, the routes, and access to remote anchorages. No matter where, LaCasse Maritime will locate and ship anything from deck and cleaning supplies, machine parts, tools and electronics, etc, to fit your specifications. Simply send your requests via e-mail or fax and they will access their well established supply networks to find the parts and supplies needed, and will provide you with cost and final delivery information for any location no matter how remote. They can also align you with skilled marine professionals to answer service questions and both isolate and analyze any problems while also providing you with the certified expertise to handle any service repairs no matter how small or large while in West Coast waters.


LaCasse Maritime Northlake Shipyard is strategically located on beautiful Lake Union in Seattle Washington, just minutes from downtown Seattle and in close proximity to various shops, restaurants, hotels & workout facilities. Should you require any of their services, they would be happy to provide you with a detailed quote for any projects you might have.