F/V Wizard, Deadliest Catch Boat, Pacific Fishermen Shipyard, Ballard WA

F/V Wizard, Deadliest Catch Boat at Pacific Fishermen Shipyard during summer yard work – getting ready for Alaska King Crab Season.  Deadliest Catch the Discovery Channel TV Show now in their 11th season – Tuesday Nights on Discovery are big nights for Deadliest Catch Fans – this show has absolutely changed the popularity of Ballard, WA  fishing waterfront community exposure.  Ballard used to be a big of a slimy salty local watering hole for fishmen, today Ballard Restaurants & Bars are taking Seattle by storm.  People come from all over Seattle and the NW to dine out in Ballard.

A lot of our Ballard fishermen also call  Alaska’s Bering Sea home.  Crabbers are a unique unlikely crew – who knew people would like to watch a bunch of smell, smoking, swaring guys, with nonstop aches and pains – enjoy watching them work on deck in some of the worst sea and weather conditions in the world – who knew Deadliest Catch reality TV show would or could have this much success?!?!  In my fishing days out of  Bristol Bay, Naknek, Clarks Point, Egegik, Ugashik, Dutch, and Akutan (Crap-Utan) –  ALASKA;  none of us thought in a million years people would enjoy watching the daily grind of life in stinky nasty rain gear and snotty fishing on the Bering Sea of Alaska would be entertaining for people to view in their living room!  God bless our fishermen & women!

5. FV Wizard, Look at that nice new paint job!F/V Wizard, Deadliest Catch Boat, on the ways new paint job,  Pacific Fishermen Shipyard

F/V Wizard, Deadliest Catch Boat Crew is like most Bering Sea Crabbers – jam packed with a lot raging testosterone strong and unique personalities, superstitions, habits and crazy experiences at sea.  F/V Wizard is currently on the hard at Pacific Fishermen Shipyard in Ballard, WA.

3.2F/V Wizard, Fun Freddy Happy to Home from Bering Sea Crab Season! 

Deadliest Catch the TV Show has drawn a lot of tourism and new attractions to our Ballard waterfront.  Ballard 11 years ago was a lot different from today.  11 plus years ago Ballard – per my above comments – was made up of slimy stinky fishermen, a lot of commercial marine traffic with fishing fleets coming and going from Alaska to Seattle.

Ballard today is hip, trendy and Seattle’s – HOTTEST of hot spots.  Every new bar and brewery that pops up in Ballard turns into a Gold Mine.  With over 600 restaurants and bars – it’s a place that suites any drink choice, any pallet, lots of live music and a great eclectic mix of fishermen, yachties, hipsters, artists and many single ready to mingle folks in Ballard, WA.

1. Welcome to Salty Dog Boating News, summer days at Pacific Fishermen Shipyard & FV Wizard, Ballard WA!F/V Wizard, Deadliest Catch,  Salty Dog Climbed up & down Wizard’s steep wheel house stairs!

Deadliest Catch TV Show last season has delegated great segments to Ballard WA coverage and our famous Ballard Smoke Shop Bar – home of well whiskey, cheep beer, pull tabs, guys just getting off work in Carhartt overalls and saucy bartenders who have worked at the Smoke Shop for 20 to 30 plus years.  These feisty bartender-chicks are balls to the walls women you don’t want to piss off – if you do – your ass is grass and out on Ballards curb!

19.F/V Wizard, Deadliest Catch Boat, Summer at Pacific Fishermen Shipyard

Ballard WA,  is home port to F/V Northwestern and F/V Wizard – the draw and attraction to these Bering Sea Crab Boats is mind-blowing shocking to the rest of our commercial maritime community.  Now that Deadliest Catch has made it way into its 10th Season – the rest of us in Ballard appreciates the draw and positive economic impact…. – in short – Thank You – Discovery Channel for increasing our Ballard waterfront exposure.  We do appreciate it!

22.  Get on the Fish!F/V Wizard, Pacific Fishermen Shipyard, Dry Dock, Fabrication, Welding & more…

F/V Wizard just go a shiny new paint job on the ‘ways’ at Pacific Fishermen Shipyard.  Pacific Fishermen is a full service shipyard established in 1946 by 300 fishermen and their wives – servicing our Pacific NW and Alaska fishing fleets, tugboats, passenger cruise, charter boats, superyachts and yachts.  Located on Ballard’s Salmon Bay just east of the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks also know as Ballard Locks – on the freshwater side.  Pacific Fishermen Shipyard continues its rich heritage, with fine craftsmanship and a dedicated workforce of seasoned tradesmen and tough tradeswomen!

Best of Luck to all Bering Sea Alaska Crabbers! 

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3. Naknek Sea Gal, Publisher Salty Dog Boating News & Monte, AKA Mouse!F/V Wizard Monte & Salty Dog Naknek Sea Gal, Salty Dog Maritime Marketing Leader!

It takes a Salty Dog to handle Alaska Fishing Salty Dogs – Extra rough around the edges! 

marketing-specSalty Dog Boating News Publisher, Naknek Sea Gal

Naknek Sea Gal Here:  Send me your fishing stories – yes that was me who painted South Side Trident Buildings & Massive Murals on every village building – The carpenter shop, weld shop, pipe shop, stock room, beach gang, crows nest, net shack etc…. & the famous ‘Elivs Lives’ Mural just to piss of Mr. Stock Room South Side!   So hey if you have been up their those mural represent all the seasons in Bristol Bay AK when we had to hurry up and wait for fish especially salmon season of 1994 & 1997 – ya’ll know what I’m talking about!   Send me your fishing stories & pictures!  boating@saltydogboatingnews.com   May God bless your next season at sea!



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