Drunken-Alaska-King-Crab-Legs_03_miniDrunken Alaskan King Crab Legs – A Royal Feast

Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers are mostly back from the Bering Sea right now, support our Pacific Northwest & Alaska commercial fisheries and the commercial wild fishing industry – eat fresh, buy only wild! NW & AK Boaters, try this recipe: Drunken Alaskan King Crab Legs! Do you only have 10 minutes to make dinner? Probably not, but if you do, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck making a sandwich or something microwavable. This AK King crab recipe can be made virtually as fast as a Hot Pocket, but is actually healthy and tastes like something you’ve been slaving over all day. Recipe is dead simple: put ingredients in a stockpot with a steamer, boil ~5 minutes, and enjoy.

What really makes it special is the addition of beer to the boiling mix- with light beers giving you a more classic beer-battered taste, and some darker beers instilling a sweeter, caramelly undertone. Most choose to go simple with something like a Henry Weinhard’s standard ale, but feel free to experiment if you have a personal favorite that you’ve enjoyed pairing with seafood previously. For quick sides, salad and/or bread goes great with these legs.

3 bottles quality ale/beer
3 lemons, cut in half
1 head garlic, split in half
3 pounds Alaskan king crab legs, split
2 teaspoons Old Bay seasoning (Optional, Add to Taste)
Melted butter, for serving

Preparing the Meal

  • In a large stockpot with a steamer insert, add beer, lemon, Old Bay and garlic and bring to a boil.

Drunken-Alaska-King-Crab-Legs_10_miniYour Mixture Should Have Some Color to It

  • Add the crab legs and cover.

Drunken-Alaska-King-Crab-Legs_11_miniBe Sure to Cover Your Stockpot While Boiling Legs

  • Steam crabs in mixture for 5 minutes or until crab is cooked through. Serve with melted butter.

Drunken-Alaska-King-Crab-Legs_04_miniSalty Dog NW to AK Boaters, Try This Recipe