Hello Friends,  I am the Salty Dog Boating News Salty Dog Mascot!

Boats Going Dry,  Happy Dog!

I am a 3 year old black Labrador, named Gracy.  I love to swim, you can’t keep me out of the water! I swim at least 2 – 3 times a day; my mama tries to stop me sometimes – because sometimes she needs me to be dry; but seeing the water – is like a bug to the light, I must swim I can’t help myself.  May favorite thing in the world is my BALL.  I could fetch and play ball all day and night.  When I am not on the docks or on new big yacht or a on hard core commercial crab boat just in from AK, I am hiking in the mountains with my mama.  I have had some tough run-ins with rivers and those crazy currents; but I think I learned my river lesson last summer on our trip up north!  On our mountain hikes I run ahead a bit to scout the trail always keeping mama in eye shot – range from me.

A lot of human’s say to me, “What a good looking boy – you are!”  I am a girl, just because I am a big girl Lab doesn’t make me a boy; I am a super dog athlete!  I am very friendly, willing to play nearly any sport,  soccer is also one of my favorite games especially with kids; I have a special kid connection; I guess its cause I am still growing and act like a kid and am always up for playtime – anytime!