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Evviva, Westport Superyacht, Seattle Spring Return, Pacific Northwest Mega Yachts Uphill Run

Evviva, Westport 164, Superyacht returns to Seattle in early spring. Seattle is entering some of the warmest days of the year, thus far. Superyachts are starting to trickle into the Pacific Northwest and greater Seattle region. Most mega yachtsRead more

Sea Hawk Paints Celebrates 40th Anniversary, World’s Leading Premium Nautical Coating Provider

Sea Hawk Paints is the world’s leading premium nautical coating provider, they just announced their 40th Anniversary Celebration. Sea Hawk Paints was founded in 1978, it is family owned and operated by David Norrie, President, and Erik Norrie, CEO.Read more

Northwestern, Deadliest Catch Season 15, Pacific Fishermen Shipyard Seattle Home Port Feb. 2019

Salty Dog Boating News custom marine traffic photography. F/V Northwestern, Deadliest Catch crab boat finished up season 15 for Discovery. The Northwestern has been with Deadliest Catch since it’s launch to the big screen. Northwestern’s home port is herRead more

TrawlerFest, Seattle 2019, Presented By PassageMaker, Seminars, Education, Events & Rendezvous

TrawlerFest will be in downtown Seattle, in April 2019, in the heart of the Pacific Northwest at Bell Harbor Marina, Port of Seattle. TrawlerFest is PassageMaker’s stand -alone series of boat shows designed for cruising enthusiasts. Strategically located inRead more

Pacific Northwest Commercial Fishing Supply Companies, Salty Dog Fishermen’s Choice: SEAMAR, LFS, Fisheries Supply, Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers Are Underway

No matter where you're fishing, you need gear. And the better gear you've got, the better catch you're going to get. The Pacific Northwest's thriving

Deadliest Catch, Season 15, Cornelia Marie, AK Crabber Snowmageddon Homecoming, AK Bering Sea Crab Boat

Deadliest Catch, Season 15, Discovery Channel adventure and documentary reality TV on deck show is still going 15 seasons and counting. F/V Cornelia Marie, Alaska Crab boat is one of the first in the AK crab fleet to landRead more

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