Breanna A. Deadliest Catch, New Boat, New Captain Sean Dwyer, Way to Go!

Breanna A. Deadliest Catch, New Boat, New Captain Sean Dwyer, Way to Go!

F/V Brenna A. Deadliest Catch, newest Alaska Bering Sea Crabber! Deadliest Catch is rolling away at Season 13, or some Captain’s would rather say 12 + 1 season.   Congratulations Captain Sean Dwyer and to the Dwyer family for getting the Brenna A. up crabbing this last 2 seasons, in Alaska’s Bering Sea. So far Deadliest Catch has featured Sean’s 2nd Season in the Bering Sea digging up Cod Quota, like Sean says, ‘Gotta Pay The Bills!’ Sean may be young but he’s strong, humble and hard working to do what ever it take to keep the boat grinding and working.

The PFD initials on the bow of the boat is for Pat Ford Dwyer, – Captain Sean’s father.  Pat passed away in June of 2013.  After over 8 years of giving ALS a heck of a fight, ALS is an awful disease that took Pat early; he’s now in a better place in heaven.

Salty Dog Boating News, Salty Gal Publisher: Inquiries: – I ran a story on Sean and the Brenna A. back in 2013: for more visit:  I crawled around the boat with Sean with at least one head bang in the engine room….. Not long after this story was live a Deadliest Catch Producer called us at Salty Dog Boating News asking Sean Dwyer Family info. and F/V Brenna A. questions, info, data about the Dwyer Family, about their boats etc…bla, bla… the producer mention he was down in Hollywood, naturally since that’s their Discovery home base in Caly… A few days after the producer called, we went on a ‘Happy Hour canal dinghy ride’ – I yelled up to the Brenna A. – Sean poked his head over the port  bow side, I let him know about the Deadliest Catch producer dude asking about him and his family story about his dad, the boats etc…. back then this was good scuttlebutt….who know by 2016 Sean family and crew in September and October would do the massive hurry up and get the boat ready to go crabbing. That late summer early fall of 2015 Brenna A. was converted from a summer salmon tender to an Alaska Bering Sea Crabber, that was soon to jog uphill with Sean in his early 20’s at the wheel.

Deadliest Catch, Boat Spotting Pics, Visit & See!

In short, fast forward a few years later – it’s funny how a few years later I flick on the TV and see the F/V Brenna A. story and Dwyer family I wrote about years ago in 2013 – seeing a nugget of this unique family story on Discovery Channel.  Our commercial fishing industry in the PNW up to AK has tens of thousands of unique family stories.  Amen – to the Dwyer Family, may funding opportunities and a cure for ALS come to life with this new-found Deadliest Catch exposure.  FYI: Jenny lost Pat to ALS in 2013, I lost my Gordy to a rare rapid Cancer in 2014. Both not fair, extremely hard circumstances for such amazing men who had to go way too soon! Guys, ‘I hope you’re up in heaven having a beer and sharing funny stories!’

Pat Dwyer fought ALS for nearly 8 years before passing away. When on the boat with Sean at the end of my Brenna A. crawl around boat time – Sean describes his Dad few years ago before his dad passed away, “My Dad always has a really good attitude, it’s what keeps him going. It’s a weird disease, no cure, no treatment, they don’t really know where it comes from, my dad has been in a shipyard since he was 19,  it’s a random deal everyone else he grew up with is healthy and for whatever reason he got a bum deal,” says Sean.  All I could think at the time when Sean was talking was, “God has a plan for this family, this is one heck of a tough kid!”

Brenna A. has been best known as an AK Salmon Tender, now an AK Crabber as well. The family business St. George Marine is going strong, as Sean, mom/Jenny and sister/Breanna keep the fishing boat business busy.  F/V  Jennifer A. is the sister boat to Brenna A. 2015 and 2016 mark Breanna A. as her first crab season fishing in the Bering Sea as the boat has Tendered Salmon in Alaska for many years. Jennifer A. is already known as successful AK Bering Sea Crabber highliner.  We shall have to stay tuned to see how Breanna A. did up on the Bering Sea on Deadliest Catch for her 1st time uphill with Sean at the wheel and a new crew to boot!

Much of September and October 2015 was hurry up and get the boat ready, F/V Breanna A. sat across from Salty Dog Acres while loading gear, provisions and all the many need hurry up and get done boat products.  Of course this was during Seattle Seahawks ‘Go Time’ football season. Seattle 12’s are a legend of the Boom for a reason!  Salty Dog Fans are huge Hawks 12 Fans and our ship canal is bursting with marine traffic year around!

Deadliest Catch Boat Spotting Visit: Stay Tuned Salty Dog Fans:

F/V Breanna. A. AK Bering Sea Crab Boat, Seahawks 12's & Salty Dog Lab on the lookout: Ship Canal

F/V Brenna. A. AK Bering Sea Crab Boat, Seahawks 12’s & Salty Dog Lab on the lookout: Ship Canal

Stay tuned to learn more about Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers!

God Bless our Fishermen! 

F/V Breanna. A. AK Bering Sea Crabber getting ready for the season! Go Dwyer Family & Crew!

F/V Brenna. A. AK Bering Sea Crabber getting ready for the season! Go Dwyer Family & Crew!

Brenna A. just finished her 1st season of AK Bering Sea Crabbing! The Dwyer family, Sean kept the boat up in Alaska until after the boat finished her summer salmon tendering in AK. After taking what seemed like a few hours to get through the Ballard Locks for a lift into the WA Ship Canal, Sean brings the boat in to round the corner at Fishermen’s Terminal to put the boat to bed until her 2nd AK Bering Sea Crab Season! Way to go Sean, you did it! AMEN!

Salty Dog Boating News, Salty Dog Publisher, Bristol Bay Girl!

Salty Dog Boating News, Salty Dog Publisher, Bristol Bay Girl! My G-Flash: RIP!

Salty Dog Boating News, Salty Sea Gal: Photography by, Salty Dog Boating News, Salty Dog Maritime Marketing, Salty Sea Chick, The AK to PNW Marine Traffic Source! Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers, well in short they are a different breed of human, they are their own ‘fishing species’. How do I know this?  Many years in South Naknek & throughout AK snotty seas – that’s me, came up through the Maritime Ranks as well as old school Larsen Bay, Kodiak Island days…. etc… mostly out of – Naknek, Egegik, Ugashik, Togiak, Clarks Point, Dillingham, Akutan – AKA: Crap-utan, Dutch, then running up and down hill, SE AK was not our fishing grounds, it was the uphill and downhill run that was our playground for hiking, dining out, bar crawls & walking, rolling into town and always back to the boat! Fishing rule while underway – “Always-wake-up-on ‘your’ boat!”

Breanna A. getting ready for Deadliest Catch Crab Season & Gillnetter Eclipse, Fishermen's Terminal

Brenna A. getting ready for Deadliest Catch Crab Season & Gillnetter Eclipse, Fishermen’s Terminal



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