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Sea Hawk Paints, TIPS FROM TONY! Commercial AK Fishing Boats - SE to Bristol Bay, Alaska Fishermen Tony is your Fishing Vessel Bottom Paint Expert!

F/V Perseverance, SE AK - Sea Hawk Paints The average commercial seafood company ‘Paint Locker or Stock Room’ in Bristol Bay ...

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Pacific Fishermen Shipyard - NW Finest Tradesmen, Norwegian Characters, Epic Generations, BALLARD WASHINGTON!

Deadliest Catch Boats call Ballard WA and Pacific Fishermen Shipyard - home in the lower 48!  The popular slogan of ...

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Alaskan Crab Cakes, Bering Sea Crabbers Loading Pots Heading to Alaska, Crab Catching Time... Salty Dog Boaters, Try this Recipe, Buy Fresh - Eat Wild Support Fishermen!

Salty Dog Boaters, Crisp Cayenne-spiced Wild Alaska Crab Cakes Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers are loading pots and getting ready to head ...

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ELISA, Christensen Superyacht in Seattle to Enjoy Summer Cruising in the Pacific Northwest, Welcome Captain & Fun Crew!

Seattle Summer Superyachts Welcome to the PNW! ELISA, Christensen Superyacht, 45m motor yacht just arrived in Seattle ELISA, Christensen Superyacht just arrived ...

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Commercial Fishing - AK Bering Sea Crabbers, Salmon Tenders, NW Tug Boats, Golden Alaska, Ship Canal Marine Traffic on the move - PNW sun to sun down!

F/V North American, Alaska Bering Sea Crabber, Seattle Ship Canal Come-in in hot! Salty Dog Boat News is your source for ...

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Western Towboat, Pacific Fishermen Shipyard, Divers Institute of Technology, FILSON Dives Into Seattle’s 21st Century Maritime Industry

FILSON DIVES INTO SEATTLE’S 21ST CENTURY MARITIME INDUSTRY: Outdoor outfitter hosts panel with Divers Institute of Technology, Pacific Fishermen Shipyard & Western Towboat Co. Filson, Seattle’s outdoor outfitter since 1897, will host its first panel discussion with local maritime industry experts.Read more

M/V Annandale, 76′ Trident Seafoods, Luxury Expedition SportFisher, Trident Seafoods Chuck Bundrant, Trident Schmooze Seafood Buyer Boat, Best Captain & Crew In The Business!

M/V Annandale, Trident Seafoods boat in the Seattle Ship Canal getting a Ballard Bridge lift to run eastbound to Trident Old Yard, she’s getting ready to run up hill for the Alaska late spring early summer fishing seasons. FishingRead more

F/V Summer Bay, Alaska Bering Sea Crabber, Deadliest Catch Season 13, Narrator Mike Rowe, Crabby Life Pacific Northwest to Alaska

F/V Summer Bay is Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski new AK crabber that will be featured on season 13 of Deadliest Catch on Discovery. Captain Wild Bill gets new crab boats like most of us change winter-get-away-homes. He used toRead more

F/T Araho, 194′ O’Hara Corporation, Bering Sea Tech Advanced Catcher Processor, Fishermen’s Terminal Seattle Winter Dockage PNW Ship Canal

O’Hara Corporation, F/T Araho 194′ catcher processor after winter in the Bering Sea, Alaska lands in the lower 48, Fishermen’s Terminal Seattle ship canal. The 194’ Araho is well-known as the technologically advanced boat in the Bering Sea. She’s stillRead more

Wizard, Deadliest Catch Boat, Alaska Bering Sea Crabber Pacific Northwest Homecoming, Ship Canal Winter

Wizard, Deadliest Catch, Alaska Bering Sea Crabber, hits their homeport of Seattle in the Ship Canal Mid. Feb. 2017. Their homecoming morning started with a Ballard Locks lift into the ship canal, now put to bed between Fishermen’s TerminalRead more

AK Bering Sea Crabbers & Alaska Tenders, Homeport Homecoming Seattle Ship Canal Marine Traffic, F/V Pinnacle, F/V Scandies Rose, F/V Bulldog, PNW Winter

Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers and AK Tenders, touch their home ports safely back in the Seattle Ship Canal. Late winter in the Pacific Northwest brings F/V Pinnacle, F/V Scandies Rose and F/V Bulldog home safe to the lower 48.Read more

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