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Fishermen’s Terminal Redevlopment Construction Project Underway, PNW Commercial Fishing Business Plans To Double

Fishermen’s Terminal in Seattle WA Ship Canal has begun the redevelopment construction project in the summer of 2017. By Fall we can already see the improvements done around the 26 acre property at Fishermen’s Terminal, home of the PacificRead more

Salmon Bay Marine Center, SBMC, Known As The Pacific Northwest Superyacht Refit And Moorage State Of The Art Facility

Salmon Bay Marine Center, SBMC is located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest of Seattle in fresh water 1,000 yards from the Ballard locks, SBMC has 18 new dock slips providing superyacht and yacht moorage to accommodates vessels fromRead more

Cornelia Marie, Deadliest Catch, Season 14, Josh Harris & Casey McManus At The Helm, Bering Sea Alaska Crabbers

Cornelia Marie Returns to Deadliest Catch on Season 14, Captain Josh Harris & Captain Casey McManus will be back at the helm and on the screen, They’re Back! Of course these are ‘true blue’ fishermen, they practically have gillsRead more

Sea Hawk Paints Celebrates 40th Anniversary, World’s Leading Premium Nautical Coating Provider

Sea Hawk Paints is the world’s leading premium nautical coating provider, they just announced their 40th Anniversary Celebration. Sea Hawk Paints was founded in 1978, it is family owned and operated by David Norrie, President, and Erik Norrie, CEO.Read more

Alaska Crab Boats Return Home F/V Debbie Sue, F/V Karin Lynn, AK Bering Sea Crabbers, Ship Canal Marine Winter Homecoming Traffic, Fishermen’s Terminal NW

Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers, returning home to Seattle after being gone since late summer and fall. F/V Debbie Sue and F/V Karin Lynn are some of the first crab boats to land in the lower 48 WA Ship Canal.Read more

Restaurants & Bars, NW Boaters, Hot-Spots, Ship Canal & Lake Union Cruising, Commercial, Pleasure Boats, Superyachts, GO BOATING!

Restaurants and Bars, Dining Out & Pub Locations in Ballard, Fremont, Lake Union. Our Ship Canal and Lake Union is homeport to many AK Bering Sea Crabbers, Fans of Deadliest Catch Boats Season 13, see in the PNW, F/VRead more

Salty Dog Boat Spotting Pic of the Day

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